Al Sahanin contracting company

Al sahanin contracting works was founded in the year  2017 in the Sudanese capital Khartoum . As it works in the field of general contracting, and during that period, the company has won many project contracts in various organizations and government institutions as well as the private sector, giving the company extensive experience in implementing projects with extreme accuracy according to the required contract specifications .
Al sahanin contracting company

The company's business areas

Engineering Contracting
supply-chain-management (1)
Supply and work of local materials
Supply of building materials
Al sahanin contracting company

Implemented projects

Construction and construction of kshelentqo Basic School, south Darfur state, local in Lille

Arda national organization

Drilling and installation of five hand pumps in the local cup, South Darfur state

Swiss care organization (CIS)

Supplying building materials to a number of 60 family of the village of abudwimat to return to Al-tawiya, East Darfur local shairiya

United peace organization (UPO )